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Spartan Cargo Trailers

Spartan Cargo Trailers

One of the most popular enclosed trailer brands that we offer here at Southern Trailer Depot is the Spartan Cargo trailer. As a leading provider of enclosed cargo trailers here in Douglas, Georgia, we naturally wanted to offer some of the best up-and-coming trailers in the nation. Adding Spartan to our lineup was an easy decision.

Since its founding in 2015, Spartan enclosed trailers have formed an excellent reputation in trailer manufacturing. We are proud to offer their enclosed cargo trailers in our inventory.

History of Spartan Cargo Trailers

Since being founded in 2015, Spartan Cargo has become a major contender in creating custom-enclosed cargo trailers. Founder Jim Futch set out to create cargo trailers on a whole new level of customization. Based in Alma, GA, Spartan Cargo trailers will surely be a heavy hitter in the trailer world for years to come.

Spartan Cargo has since added a number of models and custom features that make its trailers all the more innovative and worth the investment. Today, Spartan Cargo trailers are some of our top-selling enclosed trailers.

We here at Southern Trailer Depot are proud to provide high-caliber and engineering-quality trailers.

Cargo-Hauling with a Spartan Enclosed Trailer

When thinking about the many ways a Spartan trailer could be used, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the possibilities. Because Spartan offers a range of sizes, from a 6x12 all the way up to an 8.5x30, the uses for these trailers are virtually limitless.

Whether you are in need of a smaller enclosed trailer for hauling around equipment from one job site to another, or you want to carry your prized show car across the country, we have the Spartan trailers for sale that you need.

Making a Wise Investment: Spartan Cargo Trailers Warranty

One of the benefits of purchasing a Spartan trailer is that it comes backed by a limited warranty directly from the manufacturer. For three years after purchase, you can rest easy knowing that your trailer will be free of defective materials and components.

Just as Spartan stands behind the quality of its trailers, we also attest to their superior construction. If there is any warranty issue with any of the trailers we sell, simply file a warranty claim, and we will quickly look into how we can address the problem. If you have any questions about what Spartan’s warranty covers, feel free to contact our team.

Quality Materials, Stellar Results

From the very beginning of Spartan Cargo’s existence, founder Jim Futch set out to build a higher-caliber pull-behind trailer. Futch committed to only using the best materials, tire manufacturers, and axles available on the market to accomplish this vision. This dedication to impeccable standards led to the design and construction of some genuinely noteworthy trailers.

Because Spartan Cargo trailers are made with materials like high-grade aluminum, STD radial tires, and other top-notch construction-grade components, the result is a trailer unlike any other.

Spartan has designed its trailers to be some of the best by installing standard couplers for towing. This standard across the complete lineup of trailers makes it simple to attach to a towing vehicle and gets you on the road in no time. Of course, checking your towing vehicle’s specifications and towing limits is necessary before connecting any trailer. Nevertheless, Spartan designs their trailers to be easy to hook up and use.

By using the best materials and adhering to strict construction standards, Spartan Cargo trailers are a masterclass in their industry. The folks at Spartan work tirelessly to build their trailers to the most exacting details and hold themselves to the highest construction standards. Not only are the trailers constructed with high-grade materials, but they are also held to high-quality standards.

Standard Features on Spartan Trailers for Sale

True to its commitment to quality, Spartan includes a list of standard features on the majority of the cargo trailers they manufacture. From tires to rooftops, the included features are nothing but the best the industry has to offer. With the base models being equipped with such incredible features, the options you can add to a Spartan enclosed trailer keep improving.

Standard features on many models include:

  • Single-sheet aluminum roofing
  • .024-inch exterior aluminum walls
  • ¾ inch plywood flooring
  • â…œ inch plywood walls
  • Slanted stone guard
  • Color-match exterior screws
  • Non-powered roof vent
  • And much more

Customize Your Spartan Trailer Your Way

With thousands of ways to customize your cargo trailers, our Spartan trailers' hauling possibilities are boundless. Of course, with any trailer we offer, you can make it just the way you want it and add loads of features for storage, securement, ramps, doors, windows—you name it. We work directly with Spartan Cargo and other manufacturers to customize the trailer to the most precise details.

Some specifications you may consider adding to your Spartan trailer are:

  • Upgrade your axle
  • Upgrade your doors, ramps, and windows
  • Change the flooring
  • Upgrade to LED interior/exterior lights
  • Add Therma-cool liners to the interior walls
  • Add bar-lock doors
  • Choose a custom color

Start the Process

Altogether, Spartan Cargo trailers are the cream of the crop for materials and manufacturing. If you are ready to get the haul rolling on a new Spartan trailer, build your trailer for a quick quote today.

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