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Rent to Own Trailers

Rent-to-Own Trailers

Do you have stuff that needs to be transported but don’t want to commit to purchasing a cargo trailer? Southern Trailer Depot has you covered with our rent-to-own trailers program. We offer any of our haulers on a rental basis, so you can keep your upfront costs low and save money until you’re ready to purchase.

There are a number of reasons why renting a trailer may be a good option. Whether to keep money in your pocket or because you only need a temporary hauler, our rent-to-own trailer model is a great option. We offer flexible monthly installments and no credit check to qualify. With our rent-to-own trailer program, you can get the hauler you need right away.

Why Rent-to-Own May Be Right for You

At Southern Trailer Depot, we know that a new trailer represents a significant investment for our customers. Not only do you want to ensure your cargo arrives safely, but you also want to ensure that the trailer is in excellent condition. With our program, you reap the benefits of purchasing a top-notch trailer without the upfront cost.

Here are some other reasons why you may consider our rent-to-own process for trailers:

  • Low upfront costs: Our program lets you have the trailer you need without paying the total price all at once. This can keep your budget low while you get ready to purchase your trailer.
  • Easy installments: With low, flexible payments, your trailer can work for you while you save money.
  • You only need a temporary trailer: If you’re renovating a house or working on a contract job, you may only need a hauler for a short time. The rent-to-own trailers option may be an ideal situation for you. That way, you can use the trailer when you need it and return it when you don’t.
  • You’re not ready to purchase a trailer: Maybe you’re still shopping around and want to see if a trailer will meet your hauling needs. The option to rent a trailer may be perfect for you. If you end up loving the trailer, you’re primed and ready to make the purchase final.

Our Rent-to-Own Trailer Warranty

We keep it simple. While you’re renting your trailer, we promise that your trailer will be free from manufacturer’s defects and other such issues. We do all we can for our customers and strive to give you an excellent rent-to-own experience. If there’s any issue, our team will be more than happy to help take care of you.

If you have any warranty issues while renting, we make it simple to file a warranty claim. Our crew will make every effort to make it right for you. You can rest easy knowing that our rent-to-own trailers are protected from manufacturing defects.

Rent-to-Own Cargo Trailers

If you need an enclosed trailer to haul your precious cargo but don’t have the funds to purchase one outright, our rent-to-own cargo trailer may be the perfect solution. An enclosed cargo trailer gives you the maximum coverage and protection for your wares while holding everything in place. Whether you’re hauling sensitive sound equipment for your next concert or camping gear for your next outdoor adventure, an enclosed trailer may be just what you need.

Our rent-to-own enclosed cargo trailers are available and affordable. With our program, you can haul your gear before you know it. We don’t require a credit check, so the whole process is as simple as possible. Get your payload from here to there without worrying about the upfront cost or the outside elements.

Rent-to-Own Utility Trailers

Sometimes, a pickup truck isn’t enough to get the job done. Having extra hauling capacity can drastically improve your work life and efficiency. A utility trailer is an investment in your hauling capacity and overall ability to work. It can be a valuable asset for any small business or personal use. You’ll be amazed at the opportunities that arise with increased hauling ability.

As a major investment, a utility trailer may be an upfront cost that’s too much for a small business or personal user. That’s what makes rent-to-own utility trailers such a fantastic option. This program gives you the hauling capacity to carry lawn care equipment, furniture, or other cargo without paying the total amount immediately. For small business budgets, rent-to-own utility trailers can be an ideal arrangement.

Rent-to-Own Dump Trailers

A dump trailer can be an invaluable investment if you have a landscaping or construction business. The time and effort that a dump trailer could save you on the job site will pay for itself in no time. Not only can a dump trailer increase your efficiency, but it can also help you save your back from manually unloading heavy materials. The hydraulic lifts do all the work to remove gravel, dirt, or mulch from the back of the trailer.

Such a useful piece of equipment could be too much to pay for at one time. With our rent-to-own utility trailers option, you don’t have to sweat a lump sum of cash up front. We make completing your work more efficient and affordable with monthly payments. Once you fall in love with your dump trailer, you’re in a position to make your purchase permanent. Our rent-to-own dump trailers help you get the job done now and make the payment later.

Need a Trailer ASAP? Get Started Today

Once you decide to make the investment in a new trailer, we’re ready to help. We make our purchase and rent-to-own processes for trailers simple and fast. Our team can help you with all the details every step of the way. Getting your carrying needs taken care of can happen a lot sooner than you think. Contact us today to get the ball rolling on our rent-to-own trailers.