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Located just a stone’s throw away from our trailer dealership in Douglas, Down to Earth (D2E) Trailers is centered in Baxley, Georgia. D2E manufactures a wide range of car trailers, ATV trailers, landscape trailers, utility trailers, and more. Since its inception in 1999, Down to Earth Trailers has built cargo haulers for folks across the nation.

Made to be workhorses for landscaping businesses, car enthusiasts, or anyone who needs a quality hauler, Down to Earth trailers are among the best in their class. Each trailer that Down to Earth manufactures is held to high standards and made to be worth one’s salt. Southern Trailer Depot is proud to provide Down to Earth Trailers as part of our cargo trailer inventory.

Down to Earth Trailers: Committed to Integrity

We love to work with Down to Earth Trailers because of its dedication to operating with a strict code of ethics and character. Much like our own beliefs, Down to Earth follows the practices of honest business and integral operations. The team at D2E takes pride in their quality workmanship and strives to build each trailer to the best of their ability.

Because Down to Earth trailers are built with honesty and integrity, the resulting products are top-notch. Down to Earth builds its trailers with the expectation of heavy use for years of hard work. Therefore, D2E creates each one to last and work as hard as its owners. The difference that quality craftsmanship and a commitment to longevity bring to the table is evident in the structure and design of all our Down to Earth trailers.

Through decades of hard work and dedication to their craft, Down to Earth has built up an impressive range of utility trailers, gooseneck trailers, landscape trailers, and pretty much any other hauler you can imagine. D2E is a genuine credit to their craft by using top-tier components and quality manufacturing practices.

Down to Earth Utility Trailers

Ideal for plumbers, tradesmen, lawn care businesses, and most general hauling needs, Down to Earth utility trailers are a fantastic asset for any small business. With several options for sizing and specifications, from 6x12 single axles, 7x16 tandems, and much larger sizes these open-air trailers can be used for nearly anything you need.

These utility trailers are ideal for landscaping businesses or outdoor workers. With a myriad of sizes and features available, you can completely customize your Down to Earth trailer to meet your hauling needs. Whether carrying small equipment or a large zero-turn mower, you can get exactly what you need from your Down to Earth utility trailer.

Be prepared for easy loading and securement with the rear loading ramp and tie-down points. Because Down to Earth’s utility trailers are open-air, you have the freedom to add taller equipment or more bulky items. Plus, with unique storage options available, you can choose to add compartments to hold smaller items like cords, trimmers, and gas tanks. The customization options and possibilities are limitless.

Down to Earth Landscape Trailers

If you are in the landscaping business, one of the most challenging tasks is hauling loose elements from one job site to another. Dirt, gravel, mulch, and yard debris are some of the most difficult components to transport, let alone get out of the trailer. Down to Earth’s dump trailers make hauling dirt and loose materials a cinch with a smooth tilt and containment design.

These trailers are designed specifically to solve the issue of carrying loose materials with ease. Built to be tough and perform efficiently, Down to Earth dump trailers feature a dramatic tilt to easily deposit large quantities of dirt, stones, pea gravel, and other landscaping material.

These trailers are designed for the intensities of hard labor and come equipped to get the job done. The solid side walls are built to hold large quantities and come at a standard 24” height. The axles have a built-in braking system to help stop the additional weight of a heavy load. With various bed sizes and power lift options, you can be sure to have exactly what you need out of your Down to Earth trailer.

Down to Earth Enclosed Trailer Options

D2E has expanded its lineup from utility and landscape trailers to offer enclosed cargo trailers. With their history of high standards, it is no wonder that the Down to Earth enclosed trailers are made with excellence and longevity. A range of sizes and payload capacities are available, so we can help you find the perfect cargo trailer.

True to D2E’s mode of operation, their enclosed cargo trailers are heavy contenders in the hauling arena. A Down to Earth enclosed trailer will always be made to strict construction standards with only top-of-the-line materials.

Much like their utility and landscape trailers, D2E’s cargo trailers have many customizable options to meet your needs. Whether you need additional tie-downs, lighting upgrades, extra payload capacity, or additional storage options, you can add the features and specs you need.

Build the Perfect Trailer

With decades of experience and a rock-solid reputation, our enclosed trailers are sure to be an essential part of your hauling adventures. If you are ready to take the next step, request a quote from our team today. Our trailer pros are always prepared and able to answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to contact us or stop by.

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