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HaulStar Trailers Package




While you could settle for an off-the-lot cargo trailer, why not take it up a notch with all the upgrades included in the HaulStar trailers package? This single package includes 13 additional features to your trailer and puts it a cut above the rest. Covering everything from nose to ramp, our HaulStar upgrades package encompasses the entire cargo trailer.

Take your enclosed cargo trailer to the next level and get top-of-the-line materials and craftsmanship tailored for a better hauling experience. The HaulStar trailers upgrade package was specifically designed to help you get the most out of your cargo hauler investment.

HaulStar Trailers Upgrade Package Features

By choosing to go with the HaulStar trailers package, you’re getting a ton of upgrades rolled into one special price. There are 13 total upgrades included in this bundle, and each one offers a step up from the standard features.

The HaulStar trailers package takes these trailers to a new level with custom add-ons like:

Thicker Aluminum Exterior

Whether you are hauling sound equipment to your next gig, lawn care machinery, or anything in between, your cargo’s safety matters. By adding .030 thick aluminum to the walls of your trailer, you help protect the contents from the elements and external dangers. Thicker walls are also more aesthetically pleasing, giving you a better-looking mobile billboard for your business name or contact info that will get noticed.

Extended Tongue

Adding an extended triple tube tongue on your cargo trailer gives you additional maneuverability while turning and backing up. With the additional range of motion, you can get your trailer into tight spaces and have better control as you pivot your trailer around the jobsite.

HD 5K “Bulldog” Side Wind Front Jack

The addition of the side wind front jack allows you to quickly raise and lower your trailer while hitching it up or attaching it. When your trailer is not hooked up to a truck, the “bulldog” jack acts as a stabilizer to keep your cargo hauler level.

Couplers and Floor Upgrades

With the HaulStar trailer package, your trailer is equipped with a low-profile coupler, as well as a 16” OC HD floor and 16” OC tubular sidewall posts. All these features give your trailer a strong framework, along with a sleek and uniform look from the inside out.

Roof Upgrades

The package features both beefed-up 16” OC tubular roof members and a ThermaCool lined interior ceiling to provide stability and insulation. The revolutionary ThermaCool liner helps reduce condensation on the interior and serves as a barrier to help some with temperature.

Additional Security

Keeping your cargo secure is also a top priority. With the HaulStar Package, you will receive the piece of mind of an additional cam lock over the keyed RV Latch In the door. You will have a total of 3 locks on the side entry door. A keyed lock that locks the RV latch itself, a keyed deadbolt in the RV latch, and also the bar lock that locks over the RV latch that can be secured with any aftermarket padlock.

Exterior Fenders and Rub Rail Upgrades

Keeping your cargo extra protected from bumps and road hazards should be on your list of priorities. These upgraded ATP exterior fenders and 3” thick bottom rub rail trim give your cargo trailer additional protection from the many everyday hazards your HaulStar cargo trailer will likely face.

Lighting Upgrades

Our HaulStar trailers package comes with loads of lighting upgrades to help you see and be seen. The included lighting improvements feature:

  • Dual LED taillights for maximum visibility from behind
  • Two interior dome lights to help see inside your trailer
  • LED Backup lights to ensure you can see and you are seen while in reverse

Protective Wire Coating

The upgrades in this bundle include wire coating to help keep your exposed lighting wires and hookup wiring protected. This helps ensure that when your trailer is attached, your wiring has a defense against wet or dirty roads and everyday wear and tear.

Add the HaulStar Trailers Upgrade Package to your Trailer

While you certainly can go without these improvements, you’ll be glad you went with the upgraded package. With special tiered pricing, adding it to your trailer is simple and affordable. Ready to purchase your custom enclosed trailer? Get started today and request a quote from our team for your very own enclosed cargo trailer.

Upgrade - Thicker .030 Aluminum Exterior

Upgrade - Extended Triple Tube Tongue

Upgrade - HD 5K "Bulldog" Side Wind Front Jack

Upgrade - HD Low Profile "Bulldog" Style Coupler

16" OC HD Floor

16" OC Tubular Side Walls Posts

Upgrade - 16" OC Tubular Roof Members

Upgrade - ATP Exterior Fenders

Upgrade - Therma-Cool Interior Roof Liner

Upgrade - Bar Lock On Side Door In Addition To Keyed RV Flush Lock With Dead Bolt

Upgrade - Dual Sets Of LED Tail Lights 

Upgrade - LED Back Up Lights 

Upgrade - LED Interior Dome Lights - Total Of 2

Upgrade - Wide 3" Bottom Rub Rail Trim

Upgrade - Protective Conduit On All Exposed Wires Under Frame



6 Wides

ONLY $995

7 Wides

ONLY $1095

8.5 Wides Up To 24' Only

ONLY $1295

8.5 Wides 26'-32'

ONLY $1695

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