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Concession and Food Trailers for Sale

It seems every event these days offers some type of mobile food option in the way of concession trailers or food trucks. With a mobile kitchen, culinary gurus can take their creations anywhere the road may lead them. For a restaurateur, the opportunity to showcase their tasty inventions to a broader crowd, with less overhead than a brick-and-mortar, is a definite advantage. 

That vision can become a reality with a food truck trailer for sale from Southern Trailer Depot. We can work with you to customize the perfect concession trailer, food truck trailer, or mobile kitchen trailer for your culinary adventures. 

Choosing the Right Food Trailer

Southern Trailer Depot partners with some of the best and brightest trailer companies, bringing you quality manufacturing and performance. With brands that you can trust, like Rock Solid and Spartan Cargo, you can rest assured you have a dependably-built trailer. These top-of-the-line manufacturers specialize in producing premium trailers down to the most exact detail. Our relationships with these companies mean we can get you everything you need when you search for a food trailer for sale. 

When it comes time to find a concession trailer for sale, our options make the search simple and painless. Great units from top manufacturers and stellar customizable options open a wide world of possibilities. Whether your search keywords include “food truck trailer for sale” or “concessions trailer for sale,” our crew can help pair the perfect trailer with your food-related needs. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Food Trailer

If you are in the restaurant business, you know that a practical kitchen contains a lot of different equipment. Now imagine an entire kitchen being condensed into a trailer space! Scaling down a functional culinary workspace into a food truck trailer can be challenging. As with any trailer purchase, there are also some things to remember when looking for a food trailer:

  • Size: When working in a compact area, every square inch matters. Consider what size you need in order to operate your kitchen-on-wheels successfully. Depending on what type of food service your restaurant offers, you may need a space for specialized equipment like fryers, ovens, grills, ice machines, etc. On the other hand, getting too large of a trailer may hinder you from accessing some event venues. When looking for a food trailer for sale, make sure you get the right size trailer to meet your unique needs.
  • Payload capacity: With any trailer, the payload capacity is an important consideration. Cooking equipment can be quite heavy, especially when you have multiple cooking stations. When you look for a food truck trailer for sale, be sure it has the hauling capability you need to carry all your gear safely.
  • Power upgrades: Depending on the food trailer you want, you may need some additional power for your cooking equipment, warming units, or ice cream machines. Why not have that power upgrade built into your trailer from the beginning?
  • Stabilizing jacks: Since you’ll be moving about in your food trailer while you prepare and serve your delicious goodies, stabilizing your trailer is highly important. The last thing you want is to be rocking and swaying with a hot griddle or fryer in the mix!
  • Storage options: Just like a brick-and-mortar restaurant, having a place for everything keeps your kitchen organized and efficient. You may want to add some extra storage cabinets, shelves, racks, and more to create a small, but entirely functional, commercial kitchen.
  • Additional options: Of course, no one knows your culinary creation needs better than you. Think about what you would want in your dream kitchen, and then add in those options to your food trailer. 

Concession Trailers Made Just for You

With all the incredible design options, we’re sure to have a concession trailer for sale that’s right for you. By customizing your trailer, you can get a mobile restaurant that’s all about you. Having your own tailor-made food trailer means taking your food ventures to the open road, creating whatever cuisine you want, wherever you want. Because a food trailer is not tied to a certain location, you can express your unique flavor anywhere there is a crowd of hungry folks. 

Concept-Specific Recommendations 

Creating a successful vending trailer means traveling from event to event and taking your food anywhere you want. You’ll want everything to stay safe and secure as you travel between events. This means getting all the proper storage and tie-down options you need. 

The beauty of working with the Southern Trailer Depot team on a food trailer project is that we have options for every type of food service trailer. We have years of combined experience matching the right trailer features to highly unique situations. Building the perfect food trailer may be challenging, but our team has the insight and experience to make it happen. 

More Options to Suit Your Unique Needs 

We offer an impressive range of trailer manufacturers, customizable options, and unique features to make the perfect mobile kitchen trailer for you. Whether you serve hot ramen, hot chocolate, or frozen sherbet, our team can help you get all the design elements you need to operate your business-on-wheels successfully. 

Final Takeaway - Don’t Forget About Your Customers

As you build your perfect food trailer, don’t forget to consider adding some convenience features for your customers. Think about the order window, serving ledges, or a condiment station that makes it easier on your customers. Any feature you can add to enhance your customer’s experience is worth it when browsing for a food truck trailer for sale. 

Take the Next Step in Your Restaurant Journey

Ready to take your tasty creations to the open road? Southern Trailer Depot has the food trailer for you. We’ve teamed up with the nation’s leading trailer manufacturers to bring you the best of the best when it comes to mobile food service trailers. It’s time to take your culinary mastery to the next level! 

See the many options available or customize a food trailer today. 


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