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Utility Trailers for Sale

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Utility Trailers For Sale

If you have ever had to help a friend move a couch or haul large materials, you know how invaluable utility trailers can be. Southern Trailer Depot has a lineup of trailers for sale to get every job done. We feature utility trailers from Down 2 Earth Trailers in a range of sizes and options. No matter what the haul, we have the utility trailer for you.

A utility trailer is perfect for general carrying or commercial needs. You can customize any of our utility trailers for sale with loads of options and features. Whether you have a small lawn care business or need it for personal use, a utility trailer will make all the difference.

Down 2 Earth Utility Trailers

Southern Trailer Depot is proud to offer some of the best locally sourced utility trailers around. Down 2 Earth Trailers is located right around the corner in Baxley, GA. Being known for superior quality and excellent design, Down 2 Earth utility trailers are top-of-the-line for general haulers, dump trailers, and more. You can't go wrong with a Down 2 Earth utility trailer.

Get the Ideal Utility Trailer for the Job

Our full line-up of options and accessories is a major benefit of finding and purchasing the perfect trailer — whether that means choosing a trailer from our current inventory or having your own custom trailer built. We have a variety of options to choose from so that you get all the design elements you need in your trailer.

Utility trailers generally feature an open design with side rails and a rear gate/ramp. When you shop with us, you have the option to choose the size, axle, rails, and more. You have all the options to tailor your design to your specific needs. If we don’t have the perfect utility trailer in our inventory, we can work with you to have it built just for you.

Single Axle Utility Trailers

Single-axle utility trailers are an excellent choice for general carrying purposes. Though we can offer customizable sizes, the most popular size is the 6x12 utility trailer. This size makes a great hauler for furniture, outdoor gear, or smaller materials like wood and plumbing parts. While a single-axle utility trailer will not have the payload capacity that a tandem axle trailer will offer, it can be a handy piece of equipment.

A single-axle utility trailer can be a great option for personal use or for small businesses. Carrying up to a hefty 2,000 pounds, your moving day or trips from one worksite to the next are made easier with one of these trailers for sale.

Tandem Axle Utility Trailers

Haul more with a tandem axle utility trailer. These are typically larger trailers that have higher payload capacities than single-axle trailers. One of the most popular sizes for tandem axle utility trailers is 7x16. This extra length and width make carrying larger materials or gear easier. With all the added room, a tandem utility trailer could work well for personal or commercial use.

The added hauling capacity that a tandem axle trailer provides means it's great for some heavier equipment. Nearly doubling the capacity of a single-axle trailer, tandem axle trailers can carry up to 3,500 pounds. Extra carrying capacity means more materials, heftier equipment, and fewer trips. Plus, fewer trips can increase your work efficiency and save you money in the long run. If you have a small landscaping operation or general carrying needs, a tandem axle utility trailer may be perfect.

Things to Consider When Looking for Utility Trailers for Sale

Getting the perfect utility trailer doesn't have to be complicated, but there are some things to keep in mind as you shop. Our team will help guide you through all the options we have available. With a bit of info about what you need out of your utility trailer, we can get going on the framework.

Here’s what you should think about before you select your utility trailer:

Hauling Purpose

Consider what gear, materials, and various items you need to carry. Knowing what you’re hauling is the first step to getting a good fit. If you have lighter or personal loads that you want to move, a single axle or smaller trailer may be sufficient. However, if you are using the trailer for your business, a bigger trailer with a tandem axle is likely a better option.


Be sure that the size trailer you get matches your carrying needs. If you want to carry furniture or smaller equipment, then a 6x12 utility trailer may be an excellent choice. You will likely need a longer trailer if you constantly move long pieces of lumber or PVC piping. Having the right size on your trailer can make your job easier and help you do your best job.

Axle Upgrades

While you may have the perfect size trailer in mind, you will want to consider the payload capacity. Upgrading your axle can give the extra weight limit to carry heavier gear and get more on each load.

Rail Height

The rails around a utility trailer serve multiple purposes. First, they hold the payload in place and prevent any equipment from falling off the sides. Second, the rails provide tie-down points to secure the payload while in transit. Adding some height to the rails can give you better protection for your haul and provide more secure travel. You may want to consider higher railings for your utility trailer.

Stabilizing Jacks

If you regularly walk on and off your trailer on the job site, you will likely want to add additional stabilizing jacks to keep your trailer secure. These will keep your utility trailer firmly planted when it's not hooked up to a truck or vehicle.

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Once you have your ideal utility trailer in mind, the team at Southern Trailer Depot is here to help. We have a wide range of utility trailers for sale and can get the right one for you if we don’t have it ready to go. Contact our crew today to get started.