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We are a high volume discount trailer dealer that has been helping our customers for 10 great years. We are a registered business and a licensed dealer in the state of GA. We have the experience of building & selling thousands of custom trailers all over the U.S. & Canada. We are located in the heart of South East Georgia (31535) in between I-95 and I-75 about 80 miles North of the Florida line. Our pick up location is in Douglas, GA 31535. We take care of one customer at a time, so if we do not answer when you call it is only because we are assisting someone else at the moment. Don't give up on us, please leave us a message and we guarantee you will hear back from us as soon as possible. You will definitely want to talk with us before you buy from anywhere else.

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"Our Every Effort Will Be Dedicated To Providing You With The Best Service & Trailers Possible"

J Williams - PRES


Diamond Pickup Location

(800) 270-6264

91 Harvey Vickers Road

Douglas, GA 31533


Rock Solid Pickup Location

(800) 270-6264

1100 Thompson Dr.

Douglas, GA 31535

Anvil Pickup Location

(800) 270-6264

2110 Industrial Blvd. North

Douglas, GA 31533